Exciting News ShineOn Merchants!! We’re Partnering With JTV

To Extend You An Exclusive Invitation…

This BRAND NEW opportunity gives every ShineOn Merchant the option to


in ShineCash per customer!!

Who is JTV?

Since opening it’s doors in 1993, JTV has made a name as the most watched

jewelry supplier in America. Each month, they have over 250k unique site visitors,

and are growing by the day. JTV leads the charge on Customer Lifetime Values,

averaging over 10 orders per customer per year. And their products and programs

have a reach of over 80 million US households, and they currently bring in

over $289.9 million in annual revenue.


  • Customer buys your ShineOn product.

  • Customer gets your custom discount code in their sale confirmation email and in their package. (We give you the email copy templates to make this super easy for you!)

  • Customer uses your discount to purchase from JTV.

  • 20% of the sale goes into your ShineCash account.

  • JTV tags the customer so that YOU get credit for their future purchases- up to $160 ShineCash credits per customer.

  • Your future ShineOn fees are covered with your ShineCash balance!


ShineCash is a bank of credits that can be used towards future base costs and fees

With the JTV Partnership, you now have the opportunity to grow and scale

your store with less out of pocket expense.

ShineCash is a dollar-to-dollar bank of credits you can use to cover

your base cost, ShineOn fees, or product wholesale costs.

That means lower COGs, low to no out-of-pocket Merchant fees, and higher profit margins!

1 ShineCash Credit = $1.00

See available ShineCash in your Dashboard

ShineCash automatically pays your base costs


The Nitty Gritty Details

  • Sign up in minutes through your Merchant Portal, and then use our done-for-you marketing templates to announce your new JTV partnership with current and new buyers via email and package inserts. (Idea: You can email your customer list right away and see sales just as fast!)

  • Any customer who purchases from your storefront will automatically receive a post-purchase email + insert in their package, offering a discount code for 25% OFF any JTV product.

    (This discount code is personalized and trackable to you, so you make a commission on these orders.) Your customer will also receive $40 in JTVBucks to use on their next purchase.

  • Your storefront receives 20% of the sale price back in the form of ShineCash (up to $160 per customer) – and you didn’t have to do a thing!

The JTV Partnership Allows You To Create More Capital

To Easily Grow Your ShineOn Store

(Without Having To Pay Out Of Pocket)

It’s quick, easy and free - so get started today!